Level 1

Time for a life update. As you might have noticed, I’ve been gone for a while. This is because G and I broke up. That’s the sad news. But the good news is after a while, I’ve found someone new. I’m holding off on actually dating him because I want to have a little bit more time to develop as an individual. But I have to admit that I have a huge crush on him.

We’re just going to go ahead and refer to him as “Daddy,” since that’s what e is already. Calling him Daddy was not near as big of a milestone as it was with G, it felt so much more easy and natural. I don’t think I mentioned before that I age regress (non-sexually) but it helps me cope with my depression and the everyday stresses of life. This was hard for G to understand, but Daddy completely gets it and loves everything about it. He says he likes to take care of me and thinks little me is adorable.  I’ve really started to embrace the little things about me that make me an individual, like the age regression. I’ll probably post a little bit about that more often now.

After talking with my friend (hi Mark), I decided I would go ahead and bring up the idea of having some basic rules with Daddy. Nothing too fancy- just some school related rules and a bedtime to start with. This will probably be added on to as the relationship progresses (which I hope it will). While we haven’t discussed the specifics yet, one rule is already set: skipping class is prohibited. Can we see where this is going yet?

Yesterday was a rough day for me. I woke up and immediately was ready for the day to be over. I had too many adult things to do that day like get my oil changed, go to a meeting, and go to a cooking lab. Because I was in a bad mood I decided that I would start my day off well and treat myself to some Starbucks tea. I showed up to campus early and immediately walked into the coffee shop and let myself be completely engulfed in the smell and jazz music that was just a bit louder than the light rain that was pattering the window. I ordered an Earl Grey tea and stood to the side to wait for my name to be called. As I waited, I pulled out my phone and started playing Animal Crossing. I played for a few minutes before I realized that some of the people that were behind me in line had already gotten their drinks and left. I checked the time and only had 10 minutes before my class was supposed to start. I asked the barista and she apologized for the delay and started working on my drink. By the time I got it and walked out I only had 2 minutes to walk across campus to get to my class. I decided I would rather not deal with the teacher’s loud energy that day anyway and went to the financial aid office instead. I was productive! I just wasn’t in class.

Upon talking about our new rules this morning, Daddy said that yesterday he had to bit his tongue when I told him what I had chosen to do.

“But the honeymoon ends today,” he said, “You’re getting a spanking for missing class yesterday. And deep throat training with tears in your eyes. I’m not going to let you get bratty and mad at me after punishment. You’re going to please me and you’re going to be happy about it. Otherwise we’ll start all over again.”

While the dominance set me ablaze with titillation, I was still kicking myself for breaking a rule before they were even a day old. I normally am not a fan of sex after punishment because I don’t want the lines to be blurred. Also, knowing me, I might subconsciously break the rules just so I can live out a punishment fantasy. But after expressing this concern with Daddy I was informed that there will be nothing in it for me, the lack of satisfaction is part of the punishment.

I’ll see him tomorrow and probably write about the experience on Thursday. I’m supposed to be doing homework right now anyway.


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